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Brewing Great Beer Since 2005

At Laughing Dog Brewing, what began with a dream for brews with more hops has turned into an insatiable desire to craft beers of all flavors, with a focus on quality, purity, and fun.

Today, Laughing Dog brews has brewed over 15 distinct beers, including seasonals like our Huckleberry Ale and Winter Ale, and our award-winning IPA’s and Stouts.

Despite our success and growth, our motto remains the same as the day we started, to create… “Fetchingly Good Beer”!


Stainless Steel Growler

Stainless Steel GrowlerA stainless steel growler to take anywhere you drink beer. Bikes and beer not included!

Rocket Dog Rye IPA T-Shirt

Rocket Dog Rye IPA T-ShirtWith no apologies to Elton John and his "Rocket Man" classic, we'd rather be a Rocket Dog! Our shirt features a small, tasteful version of our Rocket Dog Rye IPA logo on the front and a large, even more tasty, version on the back.

16 oz. (Pint) Glass w/ Laughing Dog Brewing Logo - 2 Pack

16 oz. (Pint) Glass w/ Laughing Dog Brewing Logo - 2 PackWhat better way to enjoy a Laughing Dog Brew than in a chilled official Laughing Dog Brewing Glass? With this 2-pack of glasses, you'll always have a glass for your friend or spouse. Sorry, beer not included!

64oz. Laughing Dog Brewing Glass "Growler"

64oz. Laughing Dog Brewing Glass "Growler"This bad-boy holds up to a half gallon (64 oz.) of your favorite brew. Perfect for storage, having a few buddies over for a game, or parties. Sorry, beer is not included!

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Timeline Photos

Thank you to everyone who came out to celebrate with us on our 11th Anniversary! A great time was had by all! Cheers!

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Schweitzer Mountain Resort

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Beers that Bark: Dogs on Beer Labels

LDB and Benny mentioned in this article!

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Photos from Laughing Dog Brewing's post

We are busy at Laughing Dog getting ready for the anniversary party tomorrow. We had to get the logo on the silo before everyone arrives! Thanks..

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Utah Beer Festival 2016

Laughing Dog will be poured! See you there! Utah Beer Festival

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