The Pack

Check out our lineup of our annual selections. We have something for every breed.

We also have a collection of award-winning seasonal brews. Check them out at our taproom and check back to see when they will be on store shelves!

Huckleberry Cream Ale

ABV 4.0%   |   IBU 9

Our Huckleberry Cream Ale starts with our traditional Cream Ale recipe. We add fresh Huckleberries during the last minute of the boil to lend subtle aroma and flavor. Huckleberry, native to the Pacific Northwest, is prized for its sweetness and texture. Its distinct PNW flavor blended with our Cream Ale creates a smooth brew with a touch of tart huckleberries. Fruity, creamy, and sweet, the Huckleberry Cream Ale is an easy drinker and perfect to sip on a warm afternoon. 

USBTC Best of NW 2020
Silver Medal 2013 Calgary Beer Fest
Bronze Medal 2013

Alpha Dog

ABV 8.0%   |   IBU 125

Our Alpha Dog Imperial IPA is brewed with only the finest Northwest malts and copious amounts of hops. Alpha Dog’s floral and piney hops hit the nose, with hints of grapefruit and honey maltiness. Its bitter-sweet hoppiness coats the mouth and warms you as you drink it. Premium pale, honey, and munich malts make this beer a little less malty but packed with plenty of hop punch. Our Imperial IPA is ahead of the pack. 

NABA Bronze Medal 2009

Rocket Dog

ABV 6.7%   |   IBU 63

Cascade, CTZ, and Simcoe hops marry perfectly with rye malt to create this crisp, hardy, and distinct Rye I.P.A. The smooth mouthfeel delivers malt sweetness and big citrusy, piney, and spicy flavors. Enjoy Rocket Dog as a dessert beer or paired with rich foods like duck or lamb. 

7B Hazy

ABV 6.0%   |   IBU 44

This New-England-style IPA is as delicious as it is hazy and has a juicy, full mouthfeel. Copious amounts of Simcoe, Citra, El Dorado, Amarillo, and Mosaic hops are added before and during active fermentation to bring citrus and tropical flavors and aromas to the brew. Our 7B Hazy’s low bitterness and sessionable ABV mean you can kick back and enjoy more than one! 

219 Pilsner

ABV 4.7%   |   IBU 10

Our 219 Pilsner is a classic American Pilsner. Taste aromas of caramel, wheat, and light spicy hops in every sip. Light malt notes are balanced with a very subtle Willamette hop presence and give the beer a light straw color with brilliant clarity. The 219’s crisp, clean, dry, and smooth taste makes it the kind of beer that can be sipped on all day. 

NABA Gold Medal 2011

Cream Ale

ABV 4.0%   |   IBU 9

This traditional Cream Ale is fermented with both ale and lager yeast for the creamy smoothness of an ale with a nice dry, crisp finish. We use premium American-grown pale malted barley and German pils and Australian malts for color and flavor. Enjoy brilliant clarity with a malt aroma and a soft, malty sweetness. This Cream Ale is a true thirst quencher. 

NABA Gold Medal 2008
NABA Silver Medal 2010
NABA Bronze Medal 2009

The Dogs of Helles

ABV 4.6%   |   IBU 10

Crisp, refreshing, and light, The Dogs of Helles is a German-style Helles Lager. We use predominantly pale malt and corn as a subtle flavor enhancer to leave a little residual sweetness and a smooth character. This easy-drinking Helles is perfect for all of your outdoor activities. 

India Pale Ale

ABV 6.2%   |   IBU 67

Our India Pale Ale is a true Northwest IPA. We use Pacific Northwest malts and a combination of Cluster, Cascade, Citra, and Simcoe hops to create a piney, citrus aroma and a well-balanced flavor. Our IPA’s intense hop aroma and malty body are followed by a smooth clean finish. This is a beer that says “don’t mess with me. I’m a bad dog!” 

Bronze Medal 2013 Calgary Beer Fest
Bronze Medal GABF 2012

Pecan Porter

ABV 8.1%   |   IBU 34

The Pecan Porter is an imperial porter that’s well bodied with lots of flavor. It’s on the malty side, but well balanced with hops. We brew the Pecan Porter with real pecans to instill a noticeable nutty flavor. This beer is sweet with hints of dark chocolate, toasted pecan pie, brown sugar, and coffee. Our Pecan Porter is a festive choice for the holidays and the fall season. 

NABA Gold Medal 2017

De Achtste Hond Peach Sour

ABV 6.4%   |   IBU 24

The Eighth Dog was Laughing Dog’s first Belgian Style sour ale. De Achtste is a crisp and refreshing light german lager with a clean, mild tart sour flavor and hints of citrus, peach, banana, and apple. Its predominantly pale malt leaves little residual sweetness. Corn is used as a subtle flavor enhancer and gives the beer a smooth character. Its flavor is derived from souring our mash to achieve a mild tart brew that appeals to nearly every palate.

NABA Gold Medal 2017

The Dogfather

ABV 11.2%   |   IBU 57

Our award-winning bourbon barrel aged Imperial Stout. Weighing in at a hefty 11% ABV, the Dogfather has 7 malts and 4 different hops giving it a complex flavor profile. This unique and highly sought-after stout sells out year after year.

NABA Gold Medal 2017