Saturday Menu

Happiest Hour


  • Chili-Queso Dip

    Baked chili cheese dip topped with sour cream, cheddar, and jalapeños. Served with warm chips

  • Idaho Nachos

    Idaho jalapeños potato chips with cheese sauce, pickled onions, pickled chilies, goat cheese, cilantro, Sour cream & corn salsa.
    Add pulled pork, avocado or chili $1.99

  • North Idaho Chili Bowl

    Slow cooked pork and beef chili with beans, spice, chilies & andouille sausage.
    Make it a Chili Supremo, layered chili with cheese, jalapenos, and sour cream on top of jalapeno chips. +$3.99

  • Garlic Cheesy Bread

    Toasted bread covered with garlic butter, cheddar cheese and toasted provolone.

  • Warm jalapeños Chips

    Baked kettle chips served with honey cream cheese dip.

  • Half Order Mac N' Cheese

    Beer cheese sauce tossed with noodles, then baked with a toasted bread crumb and jalapeños chip topping until golden brown.

  • Pulled pork Sandwich $5.99

    Slow smoked pork with pickles, shaved onions, Laughing Dog Amber BBQ Sauce and Garlic Aioli.

  • Naked Dog $5.99

    North Idaho specialty sausage on a Doughlicious hoagie. Choice of jalapeños, cheddar or original.

  • Plain Single Burger $5.99

    Grilled lncrediburger patty on a toasted bun with lncredisauce, lettuces, pickles, ketchup and beer mustard.
    Add bacon or cheese +$.99 I Add a patty +$4.99

Kids Menu


  • Mac N' Cheese

    Penne pasta with cheese sauce & cheddar

  • Grilled Cheese

    Buttery toast filled with cheddar and provolone cheese

  • Kids Grilled Burger

    Grilled Incrediburger on toasted bun with ketchup, served with chips

  • Kids Cheeseburger

    Grilled Incrediburger topped with cheddar cheese on toasted bun with ketchup, served with chips

  • Kids Chicken Tender

    Crispy chicken tender served with side dip of choice and chips

  • Cheese Pizza Bread

    Toasted bread topped with provolone cheese and marinara

  • Idaho Nachos

    Potato chips layered with cheese sauce, corn salsa, and topped with sour cream.